SRAM Force 22 Braze On Yaw Front Derailleur

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When SRAM Force was introduced, it was the company's first foray into the world of road bike components. It introduced their innovative Double Tap system and other new technologies that turned SRAM from an interesting side-note to a full on Pro Peloton-level competitor. SRAM Force has continued to be a bench-mark in SRAM's product line, offering pro-level performance, even when compared to the top-end Red 22 group. Now they've taken it a step further with SRAM 22. The new 11-speed line from SRAM gives you an extra gear (usually the 15T cog on most cassettes) so you have a wider range of gears to choose from, making it easier to climb, fly over rollers, and upshift more smoothly when you're ramping up for a sprint.

The Yaw front derailleur changed the shifting game forever when it was introduced as part of the 2012 Red 10-speed group. Traditionally the front derailleur had been the weak link for modern bicycle components, with many groups having problems with dropped chains or limiting your gearing options because of chain rub. The Yaw design approached these problems by going back to basics. Yaw works by changing the angular relationship between the front derailleur and the chain, eliminating the need for trim and allowing you to execute more accurate, powerful shifts.

The SRAM Force 22 front derailleur takes the Yaw to the next evolutionary level. It's been updated and optimized to work with the new, thinner 11-speed chain and chainrings found in the SRAM 22 line. The fundamental workings remain the same, so you can still shift into any gear combination without experiencing chain rub, and the derailleur exerts a powerful shift that makes changing gears feel easy. The integrated chain-catcher helps prevent dropped chains, so you can have a little more confidence trying to get down to the little ring in case you mistimed your opportunity to shift before the big hill.

  • Optimized for use with SRAM X GlideR chainrings
  • For use with SRAM 22 11-speed chain and cranksets
  • Lightweight integrated chain catcher adjusts independently of the derailleur and prevents the chain from dropping off the inner chainring
  • Revolutionary yaw cage rotates to maintain constant alignment with the chain for faster, more precise shifting with no need for trimming
  • Cage is fabricated from a steel/aluminum combination for strength and durability
  • Precision markings indicate proper installation and set-up for best performance

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