Rocky Mounts SplitRail Add-On

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Have you got a lot of bikes to haul on the back of your vehicle? No worries. The Rocky Mounts SplitRail Add-On allows you to carry up to 4 bikes at a time when used with the 2" SplitRail Hitch Rack. These add-ons, like the SplitRail Hitch Rack, can also carry bikes sized kids to adults with wheel sizes of 20-29". Due to the weight restrictions of a 1.25" hitch, we advise that the add-ons only be used with the 2" SplitRail Hitch Rack.


  • Compatible with the 2" SplitRail to expand carrying capacity to 3 bikes (1 Add-On) or 4 bikes (2 Add-Ons)
  • Lightweight chromoly and aluminum construction
  • Fits bikes with 20-29" wheels and wider tires
  • Max wheelbase of 48"
  • 4" of side-to-side tray adjustment for simple and easy loading and unloading of bicycles
  • Fits kids bikes and adult bikes
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