SRAM Force 22 11-Speed Shift Lever Set

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When SRAM Force was introduced, it was the company's first foray into the world of road bike components. It introduced their innovative Double Tap system and other new technologies that turned SRAM from an interesting side-note to a full on Pro Peloton-level competitor. SRAM Force has continued to be a bench-mark in SRAM's product line, offering pro-level performance, even when compared to the top-end Red 22 group. Now they've taken it a step further with SRAM 22. The new 11-speed line from SRAM gives you an extra gear (usually the 15T cog on most cassettes) so you have a wider range of gears to choose from, making it easier to climb, fly over rollers, and upshift more smoothly when you're ramping up for a sprint.

One of the most distinctive hallmarks of SRAM Force has always been the graphics. They were tastefully done, and became a brand icon that stood for quality and innovation. SRAM has redesigned the graphics in a stunning and understated style that will look great on pretty much any bike. With subtle blue and grey tones, these levers still stand out visually without distracting from the raw performance inside. Because after all, beauty is only skin deep.

The SRAM 22 levers have benefitted much from the trickledown effect from Red, and they've absorbed many of the technologies and innovations that SRAM made with 2012 Red. To start with, they've gained some new ergonomic features. ErgoFit textured hood covers have a new, gripper feel with a reduced diameter and an smoother transition to the bars. The forward bump is also larger, addressing issues in previous iterations of SRAM levers, where many riders felt their hands would sometimes slip off the bars when the roads got rough. The blade has been made larger, and now features independent reach adjust. This lets you put the levers where you want them, and makes it easier to reach for the levers from any hand position--even in the drops. This lets you create a fully customized fit and feel that improves your ride comfort and makes allows the levers to fit a huge range of hand sizes.

The shift levers have retained SRAM's fabled DoubleTap technology, which has been updated for 11-speed. DoubleTap utilizes just one shift paddle to execute both up and down shifts. When the paddle is depressed, it delivers a hearty, audible click that you can both hear and feel that lets you know you've shifted in no uncertain terms. The shifters also have ZeroLoss shifting technology, which means that for every centimeter you move the lever, the cable moves the same amount. This eliminates the mushy, sloppy feeling we've all come to tolerate from our shifters. When you need pro-level performance but have a budget that you have to stick with, it's hard to beat the performance of SRAM Force 22. It delivers uncompromising quality, performance and style that can put you on the podium without delivering too big of a hit to your wallet.

  • 11-speed DoubleTap shift technology makes it easier than ever to shift
  • ZeroLoss technology eliminates shift paddle play for crisper, more accurate shifting
  • ErgoDynamics technology updates the shape, feel and adjustability of the levers for SRAM's best feeling levers yet
  • Updated clamp design for improved compatibility with carbon and ergo bars

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