DaBrim Sporty Cycling Helmet Visor

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This sporty cycling visor provides 360° UPF50+ sun protection, water resistance, and can withstand wind up to 35mph. Great for use in most any weather, this visor can be attached or removed with just the tightening of a strap and securing of a buckle. This visor also helps keep heads cool by not obstructing helmet vents. Whether you're touring, mountain biking, commuting or riding recreationally, this visor is a great companion for extra protection for the sun, wind, and rain.


  • 2¾" front brim contours to 3¾" at rear to provide excellent neck sun protection
  • UPF50+ brim that is also water resistant
  • Easy to attach and remove with a tightening strap and buckle
  • Does not obstruct helmet vents, keeping head cool on hot days
  • Reinforced front and brim can withstand wind up to 35mph
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