Reynolds R Six Carbon Road Wheelset - 2018 Performance Exclusive

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Designed for road racing and triathlons the tubeless compatible, Reynold's R Six Carbon Road wheel set brings raw speed to any flat surface application. 62mm deep and 25mm wide carbon rims lower rolling resistance and give you excellent acceleration for a speedy tour when you need it. The PR3 technology gives you the power to climb and conquer high grade inclines with little effort. The R Six also features CTg braking technology that is proprietary to Reynold's wheels. This feature maintains cooler braking temperatures, allowing for highly responsive braking power. Perfect for all sorts of applications, the Reynold's R Six Carbon Wheelset gives a lightweight and swift ride with plenty of stiffness when it's time to hammer.


  • Tubeless Compatible
  • Lightweight and deep for speed and quick acceleration
  • Designed to be used for road racing and triathlons
  • Excellent for climbing with low rolling resistance
  • 62mm depth keeps your ride at the head of the pack
  • CTg, Cryogenic Class Transition, for responsive braking
  • Reynolds Cryo Brake Pads
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