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Wahoo KICKR Headwind Smart Fan

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Smart trainer to simulate the road? Check ... the KICKR. Accessory to simulate climbing? Check ... the Climb. Now, the Wahoo package is complete with the KICKR Headwind, bringing the final piece of nature into your training cave. The Headwind delivers as much wind as you'll feel out on the road, but it's more than just a fan. The Headwind can wirelessly pair with your smart trainer and compatible training programs, heart-rate monitors and speed sensors to automatically adjust the wind flow based on your speed (up to 30 mph) or heart rate. And that flow is targeted to your body position, so it delivers cooling where you need it. Or you can choose from one of four manual settings. With the Headwind and Wahoo's other offerings -- the Climb, to simulate grades of up to 20% -- and of its smart trainers, you can bring the outdoors indoors.


  • Powerful airflow in a targeted pattern
  • Sensor-based fan speed control
  • 4 manual fan speeds
  • App control
  • KICKR Desk compatible
  • 2-position adjustable legs
  • Fan speed of up to 30 mph
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