Kinetic Traxle Medium T-2102 12mm Thru Axle

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Now you can safely mount your thru axle frame to your bicycle trainer with the Kinetic Traxle. The Traxle is a precision-machined replacement thru-axle for use with any 12mm thru-axle system, to firmly lock into a bicycle trainer's cone cups. The Traxle is specifically engineered to work on Kinetic brand trainers but is adaptable to most other trainer brands as well. Perfect for home training, bike shop fitting stations and race warm ups.

Note: Bike frame manufacturers determine thread pitch on their frame sets. The Traxle comes in three thread pitches -- coarse, medium and fine -- to fit a range of frame and wheel manufactures. Be sure to refer to your specific bike manufacturer to know which thread pitch your bike uses before ordering a Traxle.


  • Specifically engineered to work on Kinetic trainers
  • Adaptable to most other trainer brands
  • The most stable mounting solution for thru-axle equipped bikes
  • Thread Pitch: 1.50mm
  • Over-locknut dimension x diameter: 142mm x 12mm
  • Axle length: 12mm x 185mm (spacers included)
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