B&W Bike Guard Curv Bike Case

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Airplanes don't carry bikes the same way buses and cars to and for that reason the B&W Bike Box II was designed for your bike to stay safe during air travel. The Bike Guard Curve can hold road bikes, triathlon, or mountain bikes with up to a 29" wheel size. It also includes two 29" wheel guards for added protection. This Bike Guard Curv features a weatherproof, recyclable, 100% polypropylene outershell for extra protection during transit and is lined with foam to keep your bike secure in an unobstructed way. When carrying the Bike Guard Curv, you can use either the 2 carrying handles, like you would with a traditional suitcase, or the 2 pull handles to pull it along on 2 wheels. The Bike Guard Curv also has 4 caster wheels that navigate with ease. When you lock it up, the Bike Guard Curv uses several self-tightening straps and a lockable TSA padlock area for increased security. TSA padlock not included.


  • Holds bikes with a 29" wheel size or smaller
  • Outershell is 100% polypropylene, which is also recyclable and weatherproof
  • Includes two 29" wheel guards
  • Four sturdy castor wheels with reinforced axle and an additional castor in the bottom
  • Two carrying handles to carry like a suitcase and two pull handles for pulling on 2 wheels
  • The two case shells are interlocking at six points and pulled together with a self-tightening buckle
  • Can be locked with a TSA padlock (not included)
  • Interior uses foam to keep bike secure
  • Has foam spacers for the handlebars
  • Includes 4-pack set of frame bags for accessories