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Stan's NoTubes Tire Sealant 29'er Tubeless System

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Stan's No Tubes 29'er Tubeless System takes the difficulty out of converting 29" mountain bike rims and tires into a tubeless system. Such conversions can save between 100 and 400g of rotating weight and allow for lower tire pressures and better traction. All without the risk of pinch flats! The tire and rim sealant can be used to seal punctures and slow leaks, holding air for longer periods of time without incident.
  • New molded rim strip features a new Presta valve stem with a removable core, allowing you to add sealant without removing the tire
  • Two sealing points on the tire help maintain tire pressure
  • Converts to rims to tubeless with only 56g of added weight per wheel
  • Won't throw tires out of balance
  • No glue - tube can still be installed in case of a flat on the trail
  • Fits Bontrager V-brake, Salsa Delgado-X and Mavic 520 Touring 29" mountain bike rims
  • Includes pint of tire sealant, two molded rim strips with removable valve cores, one 10yd roll of nylon spoke tape, and decal