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Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Cycling Computer

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In a world of ever improving aerodynamics, one place that has been left a little bit behind is the cycling computer. Sure, they've gotten more feature-rich as the years have gone on, and the capabilities of even the most value-oriented computers are impressive. But what about the overall shape and design? If aero is everything, then why not make the computer that's hanging out in front of your bars aero as well?

To design the all-new Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS computer, Wahoo partnered with leaders in performance design to create a computer that actually helps you go faster, not just record how fast you were going. The sleek design is smoothly integrated with its mount to save you 1.5 watts-- which doesn't sound like a whole lot until you realize that over a 40km Time Trail at 21mph, you'd be 12.6 seconds faster-- that's a massive margin.

But the Bolt isn't just a pretty and fast package-- it's also a full-feature GPS cycling computer and has all the goodies you'd expect. The Bolt uses GPS to accurately measure distance, speed, and ascent, while full Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity allow you pair the computer with power meters, heart rate monitors and speed and cadence sensors. (Power meter, heart monitor & speed/cadence sensors sold separately) The Bolt also packs some more innovative features, like a companion app that makes it easy to fully customize the interface, turn-by-turn navigation, and QUICKLOOK LED's that give you a new way to view performance or navigation at a glance.

  • New more aerodynamic design saves 1.5 watts
  • Integrated Aero Mount
  • QUICKLOOK LED's make it easy to stay connected with performance at a glance
  • Connect with the WAHOO Fitness app for easy set up, navigation and more
  • Customizable fields and screens let you see only the data you want
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity
  • In the box: Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS computer, out-front mount, stem mount, & USB cable
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