Stan's Race Sealant - 32 oz.

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The racing version of Stan's legendary sealant, this proprietary sealant formula with close to twice the amount of Stan's standard sealing mica crystals, plus a special "XL" crystal, is capable of sealing even larger punctures. Whether you need all the help you can get for the race, or just need an extra boost of confidence going down the single track, Stan's Race Sealant is will do the trick.


  • Faster sealing capabilities to keep you rolling
  • Seals larger punctures to get you home or to the finish line
  • Ride the widest range of conditions and temperatures
  • Safe for the environment / Comprised of natural materials
  • Twice the sealing crystals compared to the standard sealant
  • "XL" crystals and standard crystals combine to seal larger punctures
  • Premium low-viscosity latex coats the tire's sidewalls for quicker sealing
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