Maxxis Colossus Fat Bike Tire -- 26 x 4.8

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Don't let the snow slow you down. The Maxxis Colossus Fat Bike Tire is a snow and winter-specific tire that delivers superb grip and control. There's no question that you chose a fat bike to tackle the trail in a different way. Whether you seek out the trail less travelled or you live in a region where bad weather is a fact of life, outfit your ride with a tire that delivers exactly what's supposed to.

The Colossus's tall knobs penetrate the snow and claw the hard, frozen terrain underneath. An open tread pattern clears out packed snow to maintain traction and a special rubber compound stays pliable in freezing conditions. Weighs appx. 1520 grams. Folding bead.

  • Winter and cold weather performance designed
  • Folding bead with 60 TPI casing
  • Massive 4.8" width for stability and grip
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