WTB Horizon Tire - 650Bx47mm

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It's not often that people talk about a tire as a game changer...but with the WTB Horizon that's exactly what they're doing. This massive 650Bx47mm tire is intended for the new breed of "all road" or "gravel bikes" that are designed to roll with either 650B (27.5") or 700C wheels. How is that possible? Glad you asked. It turns out that a 27.5" wheel with a 47mm tire on it has about the same outer diameter as a 700c wheel with a 28mm tire. Crazy right? So that means that the WTB Horizon was created with ultimate versatility in mind. With Plus-Sized traction and smooth riding characteristics when the pavement ends, and a smooth centerline with all-weather herringbone pattern for improved cornering and wet-weather traction, the Horizon ensures that it won't be your tires that hold you back on your next adventure.
  • 650Bx47mm tire has same outer diameter as a 700x28mm tire
  • Supple casing and plus-sized traction
  • Smooth centerline and herringbone shoulder tread
  • 515g, tubeless ready
  • List of WTB Horizon compatible frames/forks can be found at WTB's website
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