WTB Wolverine Mountain Tire -Special Edition

Item: 50-8149
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26 X 2.2
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It's fast. It's compact. And when it bites, it doesn't let go. What's true of the fiercely aggressive Northern mammal also holds true for the all mountain tire from WTB that shares its name. With its moderately-spaced center tread and abundant side knobs, the Wolverine mountain bike tire rolls smoothly on the flats, climbs like a rodent on Ritalin, and sinks its teeth into corners for confident handling. This Special Edition Wolverine tire features a 27 tpi casing for improved damping characteristics
  • Moderately spaced tread pattern offers fast-rolling traction, while outer knobs provide aggressive grip in the corners
  • When conditions are steep and loose, you can count on WTB's super sticky DNA rubber compound to deliver dependable traction
  • Aramid bead seats the tire securely to the rim
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