WTB Nano TCS Light/Fast Rolling Gravel Tire -- 700x40

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An excellent combination of speed and comfort, the WTB Nano TCS is at home ripping through gravel or loose-pack dirt and is a quietly confidently handler on the road, too. With a tread pattern based on the legendary Nanoraptor mountain tire, the Nano TCS offers a narrower profile to fit cyclocross or urban bikes. Designed for tubeless-ready rims, the Nano TCS has a rubber compound that will stand up to sealant -- and, because it's tubeless, you can run them at lower pressures for more comfort and better grip. With a tan sidewall, these tires will add style to your ride, too.


    A raised, almost continuous center line of tread reduces rolling resistance on or off road Extended knobs on the outside of the tread mean more confidence in corners and on loose surfaces Tubeless compatible for better flat protection Tan sidewalls for that classic look Folding bead
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