Hutchinson Fast'Air Sealant/Inflator with Hose

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The Hutchinson Fast'Air Sealant is the quickest and easiest way to get your tubeless or tube-style tires ready to ride again! And thanks to the addition of a small hose, now you can access those hard to reach areas.
  • Fast'Air lets you re-inflate your tire while simultaneously repairing a 1mm puncture in only 90 seconds!
  • Lightweight and compact CO2 canister houses an exclusive plug system that fits securely over your Presta or Schrader valve
  • Just press the plug to your valve and it'll inject a mixture of pressurized air with Hutchinson's own latex repair liquid -- it's that easy
  • Can be applied before initial inflation or after your tire has gone flat
  • System is compatible with road and mountain tubeless and tube-style tires
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