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WTB Rocket Elite Saddle - Performance Exclusive

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The Rocket Elite Saddle by WTB is the saddle of choice for Santa Cruz Syndicate downhill legend Steve Peat, and distance champ Jay Petervary. It very popular amongst cyclists due to its versatility of being used for XC, Road, and Trail. This saddle combines a wide padded seat with a narrow nose to keep cyclists focused on their workout, instead of their saddle.


  • Narrow nose for downhill descents
  • Broad lower wale provides a great shape for leaning into sharp corners
  • Slight rise and an optimized padding-to-weight ratio
  • Saddle of choice for professional cyclists Jay Petervary and Steve Peat
  • Designed to be versatile -- Great for XC, Road, and Trail
  • Dimensions: 142mm x 265mm
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