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Zipp 30 Course Road Wheel - Front

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Designed to put you at the front of the group, whether in a group ride or your next gran fondo, the Zipp 30 Course road wheel is perfect for everything from road riding, to gravel. With a wider, tubeless ready rim and more, the 30 Course is the ultimate do it all wheel.

The 30 Course is Zipp's first tubeless-ready wheel, which gives it the ability to run lower tire pressures without risk of pinch flat--which is great news for everyone from road riders to gravel grinders. The 30 Course wheels incorporate innovations from the 202 Firecrest rims so they have substantial aerodynamic benefits, especially with crosswinds. They also feature a 25mm external rim width, so those nice and big tires you like to run will fit a little better, with improved sidewall support, more air volume and a wider stance. This gives you a better contact patch, better corning grip, and more comfort on road, gravel, and mud.

The 77/177 hubset brings improved stiffness and durability over the hubset found on the previous generation of hubs, with wider flanges and a bigger axle. There's also no longer a need to set a bearing preload, and the bearings are also better protected from the elements, which means less wear and maintenance. A new improved quick release skewer also improves wheels retention and a more ergonomic lever for easier use.

  • 26mm aerodynamic and lightweight alloy rim
  • 25mm wide tubeless ready rim
  • 77/177 hubset is stiffer and more rigid
  • New 17mm axle for improved stiffness and rigidity
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