Town Line Sprints. Now In Your Living Room.

It's Not Just a Game. It's a Game Changer.

Get ready to take your indoor training sessions to a whole new level with Zwift. That's because Zwift is more than just a game, it's a game changer. Zwift is a fully interactive experience that brings the best of cycling to your indoor trainer rides, while leaving out all the distractions of the road to help you get more than you ever thought possible from every ride. It's social, it's immersive, it's effective, and above all it's just plain old fun.

Whether you love grinding out a challenging climb, cranking it up for a sprint or two, or just spinning the legs to get some exercise, Zwift has a course or training plan that can suit your needs. To sign up for a Zwift membership and find out more, click here.

To get the most out of Zwift, we'd recommend using either a fully interactive or a smart trainer. We have a full selection that can meet the demands of any rider or budget.

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Instructions for joining the GRS/Zwift virtual ride


  1. You will need the following to participate
    1. A computer or iOS phone that meets Zwift's minimum compatible requirements
    2. USB ANT+ dongle (if your trainer/power meter is not Bluetooth compatible)
    3. A fully interactive trainer (suggested trainers for the best experience click here)
    4. OR a non-interactive trainer and a speed/cadence sensor or on your bike
  2. Go to and click the "Download" link in the upper right-hand corner. You can join for a 14 day free trial or join for a $14.99 per month membership which lets you use more features than the trial. 
  3. Zwift is alternately available for iPhone or iPad through the App Store
  4. NOTE: Zwift must run off the installed application on your computer or phone. It cannot run off the website
  5. Open the app, create an account and log in
  6. Use the set up screen to pair your computer/phone with your trainer or ANT+ device


  1. Launch the Zwift App and log in
  2. Group rides will be listed at the top right hand corner of your "Ride" screen once you are in the game. To join, just click on the event you would like to join.
  3. When it's nearing time for the event to start, you'll see a popup letting you know it's time to officially join and get to the starting line. You can click "Let's Go" or just let it auto-select. You can also click "JOIN EVENT" at the bottom left for up to an hour before an event officially starts. TIP: It's best to be pedaling at least a few minutes before the official start time to get warmed up. When the ride starts, you'll automatically be brought in from the course to the starting area where you can warm up on a virtual trainer before the ride begins.
  4. MOBILE: You can also join an event through the Zwift Mobile Link app (not the same as the Zwift game app). To join, simply log in to the mobile app, tap the menu button in the top-left corner of the screen. Tap the Events button to bring up the Events listing. Find the event you want to RSVP for and tap the header.

Rides are listed at the top right corner