Meet Our Tires

Finding the right tires for your ride can be tough. Especially when you’re upgrading to something that you haven’t tried yet. Here are at Performance Bicycle we’ve selected a few tires that might get your attention. Our bestsellers, staff favorites, and "The underrated".

Road Tires

Most Popular

Continental Grand Prix 5000 (Black Chili) 700x25

  • Great all-around tire that gives you puncture protection and comfortable ride qualities without sacrificing speed.
  • In an age where many riders are transitioning to tubeless tires, this clincher is still our most popular.
  • Options from 23-32, (25 most popular).

Staff Favorite

Continental Gatorskin

  • This tire is a work horse. From its highly puncture-resistant casing and Duraskin sidewall protection to its high mileage carbon-black tread compound, this tire can handle a rough commute and hold its own in a local crit.
  • It isn’t the fastest tire ever made, but one of the most resilient and reliable.
  • Options from 23-32, staff choice is 25.


Vittoria Rubino Pro G2.0 (Black) 700x28

  • While designed for intense training, this tire is equally capable come race day.
  • It utilizes the exclusive 3c Graphene Compound structure to create a long service life, add puncture protection, and facilitate sharp handling habits, while substituting a folding bead material for reduced weight.

MTB Tires

Most Popular

Continental Cross King 29” w/ ShieldWall System

  • Versatile competition and trail tire. It is sure-footed while turning and provides a very comfortable ride. A very quick rolling tire that adapts to any terrain with its special tread.

Staff Favorite

Schwalbe Magic Mary HS447 Addix Soft Tire

  • An aggressive all-mountain tire that provides maximum braking traction and cornering grip even in the worst conditions.


Maxxis Minion DHF MaxxTerra 27.5

  • The standard by which all tires are judged, this tire features with a tread design that balances rolling speed with braking and cornering traction.

Gravel Tires

Most Popular

Rene Herse Barlow Pass Tire (Tan Sidewall)

  • Coming in at a 38mm width, the tire is nice and wide for comfortable road riding and while also tough enough to hold its own in the gravel scene.

Staff Favorite

Panaracer Gravelking SK Tubeless Gravel Tire

  • The tire to handle it all. With a mix of small, closely spaced center knobs and longer, taller cornering tread blocks, this tire can roll on the road and corner through loose dirt. Coming with 7 different color options, this tire can find a home on any gravel bike.


WTB Riddler TCS

  • Another tire that can really handle it all. With an excellent mix of smaller knobs in the center and larger side knobs, this tire will keep you upright through any corner. The Riddler TCS is the ultimate mix of stability and speed.

Replace that chain

Consistently cleaning and replacing your chain is essential to a smooth, efficient drive train while also prolonging the life of all drive train components. Check out our top-quality products to maximize your power and efficiency.




Single Speed

Chain tools are necessary to replace any chain, from master link pliers to chain breaking tools, we have it all.


Chain Tensioners

It's Time For New Bars

MTB Handlebars

We have a wide range of MTB bars to choose from. 0mm rise all the way to 75mm rise. 650mm width all the way to 800mm width. We have it all, come take a look and find the perfect bars for your rig.

Road Handlebars

If you're looking to increase aerodynamics, a different hand position, or just wanting to change the look of your bike, a new handlebar can achieve that for you. Check out our options below.

Grave/Adventure Handlebars

Whether you want more hand positions, more room for a handle-bar bag, or some deeper drops, we have you covered. Check out our selection with bars in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Choose The Right Pedal

Pedals can make or break the feel of your ride. As one of the few contact point on your bike, it is essential to have a pair you feel comfortable and confident on.

Road Pedals

MTB Pedals





This is a debate between mountain bikes that will last forever. Which ever side you are it’s important to have a fresh pair that is functioning properly to keep you charging your favorite trails.

Our Helmets Have You Covered

Wether you want better air flow or more protection, we have you covered. Stay cool this summer while keeping your “noggin” protected. Shop from the best brands on the market.

Road Helmets

MTB Helmets