Vittoria Rubino Pro Endurance G+ Road Tire (Black)

Vittoria Rubino Pro Endurance G+ Road Tire (Black)
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For the absolute toughest, high mileage training tire out there look no further than the Vittoria Rubino Pro Endurance G+ road tire. Through a variety of technologies Vittoria has engineered a tire that delivers strength and resilience while still providing grip and performance in the nastiest of conditions. First and foremost is the utilization of Graphene (represented by the G+ in the tire's name). The Graphene in Vittoria's G+ Isotech tread compound is a nearly transparent sheet of pure carbon mere atoms thick. Prior to the development of Graphene, there was always the limitation of choosing between optimizing for speed, grip, durability and puncture protection. Effectively, the introduction of Graphene allows for natural material barriers of rubber to be removed, which means that there is no longer the need for such compromises between speed, grip, durability and puncture resistance. All these features now co-exist in a single, Rubino Pro Endurance G+ tire.

Additionally, the Rubino Pro Endurance G+ features Vittoria's 3 Compounds (3C) technology which is a layering process that uses three separate compounds in the same tread. The 3C process combines three compounds for superb puncture/cut resistance, grip, as well as suppleness. Featuring a nylon casing, the Rubino Pro Endurance takes advantage of the material's considerable strength and then adds a puncture protection layer from bead-to-bead for further resilience and peace of mind over the most demanding conditions. And with a tread compound built for high mileage riding, with aggressive siping to provide traction in rough, inclement conditions, the Rubino Pro Endurance G+ is the go-to choice for Paris-Roubaix-type endeavors.
  • G+ Isotech Compound utilizes revolutionary material Graphene to minimize rolling resistance while increasing grip, durability, and wear resistance
  • 3 Compounds tread technology layers three separate compounds in the same tread for performance without compromise
  • Bead-to-bead puncture protection ensures reliability
  • Tread compound optimized for very high mileage
  • Tread features siping to enhance traction in tough conditions
  • Tread compound provides phenomenal grip, even at sub-zero temperatures
  • Folding bead

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