WTB Silverado Race SE Saddle (Black)

WTB Silverado Race SE Saddle (Black)
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When it comes to customizing a bike's cockpit to maximize comfort and performance, the saddle is where most of us start. But with almost as many different saddles avaialble as there are riding styles and backside dimensions, choosing one can be a little bit intimidating. As a rule of thumb, we like to stick with saddles that are narrow enough to let us peddle aggressively without rubbing the inside of our thighs against the saddle's sides, long enough to offer plenty of seating positions, and with just enough cushioning to take the edge off hits and remain comfortable during epic sessions on our rears. Pressure-relieving channels are a bonus feature that afford extra comfort for the long haul. That's why the WTB Silverado Race is one of our favorites. It's got all that, and the extra panache that comes with being Brian Lopes favorite saddle, too.

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