Togs Thumb Over Grip System Flex Hinged Clamp (Pink)

Togs Thumb Over Grip System Flex Hinged Clamp (Pink)
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The Flex TOGS (Thumb Over Grip System) Hinged Clamps provide a secure, natural second hand position on top of the handlebar, adding control, comfort, and climbing efficiency to your cockpit. Flex TOGS have a rubber tip which further increases comfort and provides some shock absorption. Placing your thumbs on top of the bar saves energy and relieves stress on the hands, and TOGS give your thumbs something to hang on to. The result; an ergonomic position with great climbing leverage without sacrificing stability. TOGS are great for commuters, recreational bikers and racers alike. Installs without removing grips. They fit nearly all handlebars and grips, including lock-on grips.


    • Control; Togs add a control point to the top of the bar. Control the bar with your thumbs and conveniently index shift and brake from the Togs position.
    • Comfort; Togs give your hands and wrists a change of position. This means less wrist flexing and hand clenching, making an overall happier ride. Great for hand issues.
    • Climb; Togs excel at climbing both in and out of the saddle. Gain climbing leverage on top of the bar, without grabbing it.

    Weight: 19g (pair)
    Hardware: Stainless steel clamp bolts
    Fit: most grips (not ideal for grip-shift setups)
    Usage: road, mountain, cross, commuter
    Geometry: 0 degree rotation for more aerodynamic geometry

    Installation Notes:

    • Step 1  Slightly twist legs outward and press onto the bar
    • Step 2  Use the 2.5mm wrench (included) to lightly tighten bolt until snug (less than 1 Nm)
    • Step 3  Adjust other components as needed

    Don't over tighten. If forced, TOGS should rotate on bars.

    If you don't have it already, make space for Togs between your grip and components. Space between your grip and components is advised whether using Togs or not (general reference BikeRadar's cockpit setup guide)
        Lightly tighten Togs until snug. Togs should rotate on the bar when forced. Move Togs while riding, to find your desired position(s).
        Most riders find that Togs function best with shorter grips (~115 mm). Shorter grips allow for quick transition into Togs without sliding your hands inboard while also freeing up space on the bar. 

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