How to Bike at Night

Fall is here and daylight hours are getting scarce. But don’t let that slow you down. Here’s everything you need to know to ride into the night.

The Best Bike Mini Pump?

A reliable mini pump is a must-have for any cyclist. Flat tires are inevitable, and it is important to be able to repair them and continue on with the ride. When we’re choosing a mini pump, there are a few specs and features that we look for to get the best results.

How to Find Shimano Bike Part Weights

Want to find out how much any Shimano product weighs? Learn how to research Shimano parts like a pro and find the weight of your cassette, crankset, derailleur, shifters, brakes, and more!

Pre-Century Bike Check

Going into a century without adequately checking your bicycle beforehand could result in a bad time, so we've put together a checklist for you to keep handy in the two weeks leading up to your event! Take a look.

Training for Your First Century

If you've never undertaken an endurance event before, it can be difficult to know where to start. We've put together a simple training plan that'll get you from the couch to the 100-mile mark in twelve weeks. Following a few rules, you can adapt this program to meet your own needs for future events!

First Century Mistakes

Committing to ride 100 miles all at once is a big deal. Transforming your decision into a success will require time and effort, but that's why you signed up. Here are a few obstacles standing between you and the finish line.

How To Set Up Your Gravel Bike for Winter

Dark skies, inclement weather, and wet roads herald winter's arrival. Training through it means confronting the year's most epic conditions head on. You've got a gravel bike, and now is its time to shine.

The Science of Cold Tires

How does temperature affect the pressure in your bike tires? Is it possible to compensate for temperature swings when inflating your tires? Read on to find out.

Gatorskin Tubeless?!

If you're a fan of Continental, the Grand Prix 5000 AS TR provides durability like the Gatorskin along with Grand Prix-level speed and grip. Plus, it's tubeless!

Buyer’s Guide: Roval Road Wheels

Specialized’s wheel brand, Roval, is known for producing high-performing carbon wheels that are ready for race day. There are a few options to choose from – so we’ve created this guide to help you find a wheel that suits your needs.

Buyer’s Guide: Roval Gravel Wheels

Specialized’s wheel brand, Roval, brings their expertise in carbon layups to the gravel market with a unique lineup of all-terrain wheels. There are a few options to choose from – so we’ve created this guide to help you find a wheel that suits your needs.

SRAM AXS XPLR Weight Guide

Electronic shifting for your gravel bike has never been more attainable. We weighed all the SRAM AXS XPLR components so you can make a better choice about what components you use.
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