Continental Ride Tour Tire (Black) (700c) (28mm) (Wire) (Extra PunctureBelt) (E25)

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Continental Ride Tour Tire (Black) (700c) (28mm)

Continental Ride Tour Tire Description:

For superb durability, reliability, and puncture resistance in your commuting/touring/trekking endeavors, choose the Continental Ride Tour Tire. The super-durable tread compound is ideal for putting in plenty of miles while its tread pattern ensures low rolling resistance for straight-line speed while the edges deliver ample traction in wet conditions or on dirt roads. A puncture-resistant belt helps reduce the occurrence of flats, particularly of importance when venturing out on rougher surfaces, and a wide variety of size options ensures there's a Ride Tour tire for your bike.

Note: Size on the label may be in imperial or metric measurements, for conversion data, see chart below.


  • Tread design provides smooth rolling characteristics as well as ample cornering traction
  • Tread is versatile enough to handle both asphalt and dirt roads
  • Puncture-resistant belt helps minimize likelihood of flats
  • Long-lasting tread compound ideal for high mileage

Tire Type: Clincher
Bead: Wire
Compound | Casing: - | Extra PunctureBelt
TPI (Threads Per Inch): 3/180 TPI
Puncture Protection: Yes
Inflation: 102 PSI (28mm), 70 PSI (37mm), 65 PSI (42mm), 58 PSI (47mm), 80 PSI (1-1/4")
Color: Black
Weight: 540g (700c | 28mm), 690g (700c | 35mm), 790g (700c | 42mm), 900g (700c | 47mm), 660g (27" | 1-1/4")

Size Conversion:
27 x 1-1/4": 27 x 1-1/4" (Labeled Size)
700 x 28mm: 28" x 1-5/8" x 1-1/8" (Labeled Size)
700 x 35mm: 28" x 1-3/8" x 1-5/8" (Labeled Size)
700 x 42mm: 28" x 1.60" (Labeled Size)
700 x 47mm: 28" x 1.75" (Labeled Size)

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Stephen Winter
Friday, Dec 17 2021 (about 2 years ago)
Continental Ride Tour Tire (Black) (27") (1-1/4") (630 ISO)
This tire is fantastic for general road and paved bike trail use, with sufficient traction for occasional use on loose gravel or dirt surfaces. The center tire pattern has a directional serrated tread, but rolls very smoothly on hard surfaces, no ripple whatsoever. The off-center tread pattern has a more aggressive tread which provides additional traction when making hard turns, especially on loose or wet surfaces. This tire wears extremely well and is also very reasonably priced. As one of the few Michelin tires still available in a 27"×1.25" (ISO 630) size, this has been my go-to tire for my "vintage" Nishiki bike for several years. The Extra PunctureBelt feature is a bonus - I have yet to experience a flat with these tires. Highly recommended for general, all-around use.

Tire Size Chart

Inch SizingISO / ETRTO
16" BMX / Kids305
16" Recumbent349
18" BMX / Kids355
20" BMX / Kids406
20 x 1-3/4"419
20 x 1-3/8", 20 x 1-1/8"451
22" Wheel Chair501
24" BMX / Kids507
24" BMX Race (Fractional)
24" Road
24" Old Schwinn S-7 Size521
24" Wheel Chair540
24" Old Schwinn S-5 Size547
26" Mountain559
650c Small Road Bike571
27.5 / 650b584
26 x 1-3/8590
26" Old Schwinn S-6597
700c / 29" / 28"622
27" Road (Fractional)630
28" Track Tubular635
36" Big Bike787