Presented by NorCal Cycling

We’ve partnered with one of our favorite YouTube channels, Nor Cal Cycling, to help bring you a new series of training videos: Couch-to-Crit. Host Jeff Linder shares his experience from 15 years of racing all over the country. Settle in and take notes as a Category 1 racer takes you from couch fitness to criterium (aka ‘Crit’) success.

Finale Couch to Crit Season Finale!!

The inaugural season of Couch to Crit ends at the legendary weekend of Tulsa Tough. Logan takes all the fitness he has gained and everything he has learned to the races and leaves it all out there. Jeff and Logan break down Logan’s final races of the season to see what he has improved on and what Logan can take into his next racing season. If you are interested in being the star of next season, stick around for the end of the video to see how to enter.