DynaPlug Plugger - Trailside Tubeless Tire Puncture Repair


Trailside tubeless tire puncture repair

Made in the USA

Since 1991, Dynaplug has been the industry leader in do-it-yourself tubeless tire repair. Their easy-to-use, patented tools are designed and manufactured in Chico, California, just across town from Performance Bikes HQ! Made of durable alloys to precise specifications, Dynaplug's tools fit into any frame bag or jersey pocket for reliable and effortless puncture repair. No chemicals, no adhesive, no wait--just follow the simple steps below to repair your tire!

Easy to Use

Dynaplug tools are all incredibly easy to use, and work equally well on road and mountain bike tires. Day or night, rain or dry, hot or cold, they're always effective. Just locate the object that punctured your tire, remove that object from your tire, insert your Dynaplug's repair plug into the puncture, and inflate! Some Dynaplug models even come with a CO2 applicator to re-inflate your tire as you complete your repair.


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Anatomy of a DynaPlug

Learn what comes with all of the Dynaplug products, from plugs and insertion tubes, to micro knives, air stoppers and piper cleaners.


Our DynaPlug Favorites

See the details of our 3 favorite Dynaplug models: Racer Pro, Dynaplugger, and Carbon Racer.


Which Dyna Plug is right for you?

All Dynaplug tools do the same job in the same way, but that does not mean they are all the same.