Handlebar Tape 101

New bar tape will freshen up your ride.

Cyclist on bike with new tape on handlebars

Finding the right tape can be tricky.

Handlebar tape can drastically affect the feel of your ride. It can reduce hand soreness/ fatigue and give you a more connected feel to your bike. Synthetic and cork are the most common materials with, cloth and leather being less common these days. You can also customize your bike with your color choice. Most brands will offer tape in a rainbow of colors, so you will be sure to find one to match your bike.

Reduce Hand soreness, side view of handlebars

Reduce Hand soreness

Long days in the saddle on rough or even smooth roads can cause pain in the wrist and palm area and leads to a bad riding experience. Handlebar tape can give you all the comfort you need for you to focus on steering in the right direction.

Customize your bike, restrapping your bars

Customize your bike

Handlebar tape comes in all sorts of stylish designs, thickness, textures, materials, and color options. Personalize your ride with some tape that perfectly suits your preferences and matches your bike.

Staff favorites

FIZIK tape


Great for minimalist hand-to-bar feeling, with maximum handling and control. Classic touch finish is a durable perforated leather-like texture, with a traditional aesthetic and a smooth surface that helps with transitioning easily to different riding positions.

Supacaz tape

Shop Supacaz

Flashiest bar tapes for the flashiest riders. Fusing performance and style, Supacaz delivers the only bar tape worth dreaming about. Signature Supacaz Oil Slick gives that perfect touch. Bling, bling every time you ride around your city.



Durable and grippy tape that has a soft and supple premium quality synthetic leather feel. You'll know its Ritchey quality when you sink your paws into this Ritchey bar tape.