Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black)

Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black)
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Put the top down and enjoy riding for riding's sake with the Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals. The Ragster II is the perfect choice for casual riding as you get all the comfort of a well-built sandal coupled with the pedaling efficiency of a SPD-compatible sole. That means that off the bike strolls are oh-so pleasant as the recessed cleat is out of the way while the textured rubber sole delivers all the traction you need.


  • Foam-padded footbed for added comfort on and off the bike
  • 3 hook and loop straps provide maximum adjustability
  • Textured rubber sole for traction off the bike
  • Fits roomy in the toe box
  • Compatible with 2-bolt MTB cleats

Gender: -
Cleat Compatibility: 2-Bolt
Color: Black
Weight (Pair): -

This product was added to our catalog on May 30, 2019

Wednesday, Feb 26 2020 (about a year ago)
Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black) (45-46)
Ordering my third pair of these sandals over the last 5years. They are very comfortable and can be used with anything from no socks to double thick wool socks for winter! Very durable; cleats are recessed so minimal contact with the floor or pavement. I wear them as my every day biking sandal all year in New England, and they can be used off the bike as well! Highly recommended!
Friday, Aug 30 2019 (about a year ago)
Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black) (37)
This is my 2nd pair of Ragster II cycling sandals. GREAT biking fact I wear these year round. First pair lasted 7 years and held up well through lots of abuse. Biking sandals are a much better choice than shoes for biking in heat and rain.....and in cold weather II add fleece socks / water socks. My shoe size is 10, but I went with the size 12. to leave room for layering multiple pairs of socks. The sandals strap down tight and fit well with or without socks. The footbed is comfortable, even with no socks.....I have no issues with a rough footbed as some reviewers have noted. An advantage these sandals have over others is the toe guard over the front of the sandal. You will be glad you have these after a ride in the rain where your biking buddies are squishing around in wet shoes/socks and your feet are quick drying and comfortable. Highly recommended.
Wednesday, Aug 21 2019 (about a year ago)
Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black) (37)
I am buying my next pair because I love them!
Also, been riding in these sandals for 3 or 4 years and they’re worn out and smelly.
Perfect when you don’t need the whole sock/shoe thing and want to just clip in.
Textured sole is not as bad as other tender-footed reviewer claims.
Velcro strap-fits all!
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jul 20 2019 (about a year ago)
Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black) (47-48)
Uppers seem well made, but the sole (where your foot rests) is horrible. Every single raised pad as 1 to 3 injection molding nubs on them, sort of like a new bike tire, but much stiffer. It feels like walking on a bed of nails or like individual grains of sand have been glued to the sole. Clearly no one walked around in these things after the factory started making them. I managed to make the back part of the shoe more comfortable by cutting the nubs off with some nail clippers, but I can't get to the front ones. I think I might be able to use one of those curved nail scissors to get to them but haven't got a pair of those handy to try. If I can't figure out how to get them, I'm going to send these sandals back and get some Shimano sandals.

I wish I could post a photo to show everyone what I'm talking about, but you can sort of see them on the stock photos for the sandals.

I am very, very annoyed.
Monday, Jul 8 2019 (about a year ago)
Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black) (37)
Moved to a Beach Town these work perfect for my riding style. Sand and water N. B. D. great tan lines too.
Wednesday, Feb 10 2021 (3 months ago)
Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black) (37)
I had my Nashbar sandals for several years and they are now my go-to biking shoe. Just by changing which socks I wear or skipping socks, I have used them from 32 to 110 degrees - very comfortable through the range. Sandals work better than shoes because the sweat evaporates on cold days and the perspiration does not build up inside the shoes and your toes then get cold. Same for hotter days, except your feet don’t get hotter. I have used them for climbing mountains and they perform well and I look good when I ride my bike on a night out with fancy clothes. Going on 4 years with my current pair and they are not showing any wear. The closed-toe is a nice safety feature and you can’t go wrong with these sandals.
Saturday, Sep 5 2020 (8 months ago)
Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black) (37)
After wearing out my last pair of sandals from another company a number of years ago, I haven't been able to find anything to replace them. Those I did find weren't made in my size or were sold out. Discovered these while searching online and am very pleased. They fit! Directions for installing cleats were a little confusing since they indicated you had to pull the insole up to insert a plate. Those babies are glued in tight so there was no way they were moving. After a call to support and being told to ignore that information, the cleats went on in 5 minutes. I understand the concern about the insole being uncomfortable, but I always wear athletic socks with them since I hate the mud slurry that develops on bare feet from dust and perspiration. I have arthritis in my right foot and need to keep that shoe much looser, so the three straps for adjustment are great. Also like the toe bumper for protection. I plan on wearing them into the late fall with cozy hand knit socks.
Sunday, Aug 23 2020 (8 months ago)
Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black) (37)
I have been riding these sandals for years, and they are all that! Fair support for off road and comfortable for cruising.
Sunday, Jul 19 2020 (10 months ago)
Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black) (47-48)
First pair is fantastic, from more than 10 years' commute every day when it wasn't cold. Excellent on 100 mile rides and week long tours. Using exclusively on Ragbrai and TOMRV since 2013. They dry out in use after a rain. Size of the original ran large, so I have 45 instead of 47. Looks like the new Ragster runs small. Advice? Run them through the dishwasher along with helmet when they get smelly. The fabric/leather doesn't seem to suffer much from repeated wetting and washing. Glad to see them back in stock.
Sunday, Jul 12 2020 (10 months ago)
Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black) (39-40)
I wear the shoes or sandal size 8/1-2 wide , but I don't know what number a sadal or cleat shoes Nash at register II Cycling Sandals [NA-RCS32–39/40–WH] please advise inch number. I appreciate.
Tuesday, Jun 23 2020 (10 months ago)
Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black) (37)
These are and have been the best sandals for cycling I've owned. This is the second pair I've owned. The others were at their end of use after 15 years of everyday riding in sun,rain,and even snow. My wife owns a pair and is also extremely satisfied with them. No problem with foot bed as others have stated,in fact, I find the foot bed very therapeutic after a long day on my feet at work.
Thursday, May 21 2020 (12 months ago)
Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black) (37)
Purchased in May 2020. Received and am pleased with the quality and build of the sandal. However, I discovered that the shoe size runs small. I returned and ordered a size larger. I may update review when I receive the sandals and try them on.
Wednesday, Oct 9 2019 (about a year ago)
Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals (Black) (43-44)
They work as a sandal but I would not write home about them. When I received mine there were still molding marks inside. Is it bad that it feels better wearing socks with these than without??? If you are feeling like rocking socks and sandals this shoe is for you.