OneUp Components Dropper Post V2 (Black) (34.9mm) (360mm) (120mm) (Internal Routing) (Lever Not Included)

OneUp Components Dropper Post V2 Description:

Highly rated and great bang for your buck, the OneUp Components Dropper Post V2 proves you don't need to spend top dollar to get top specs. In a huge range of sizes, this dropper features a super short stack height so you can run more travel on any bike. Included shims allow you to fine-tune your travel by 10mm increments – so if 160mm of travel is your ideal setting, you can simply decrease the travel on a 180mm post by 20mm. With travel ranging from 90mm all the way up to a whopping 240mm, there is a post for every rider, short or tall.


  • Shortest overall length and stack height of any equal length dropper on the market
  • Travel adjust shims (included) allow travel customization of either 10 or 20mm
  • Cable actuated for easy installation and a simple, no-bleed remote (sold seperately)
  • Reliable sealed cartridge internals
  • Upper DU bushing in collar for increased bushing overlap
  • Total length measurement is from saddle rails to the bottom of the actuator


  • Remote Included: No (Sold Separately)
  • Cable Routing: Internal
  • Rail Clamp: Compatible With Standard 7 x 7mm Rails
  • Color: Black
  • Weights:
    • 377g (30.9mm | 90mm) (27.2mm | 90mm)
    • 435g (30.9mm | 120mm) (27.2mm | 120mm)
    • 480g (30.9mm | 150mm)
    • 525g (30.9mm | 180mm)
    • 570g (30.9mm | 210mm)
    • 648g (30.9mm | 240mm)
    • 420g (31.6mm | 90mm)
    • 450g (31.6mm | 120mm)
    • 500g (31.6mm | 150mm)
    • 545g (31.6mm | 180mm)
    • 590g (31.6mm | 210mm)
    • 668g (31.6mm | 240mm)
    • 545g (34.9mm | 120mm)
    • 605g (34.9mm | 150mm)
    • 660g (34.9mm | 180mm)
    • 710g (34.9mm | 210mm)
    • 812g (34.9mm | 240mm)

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