Riding In The Heat

Riding In The Heat

Stay cool and hydrated on hot rides.

The sun is out and it’s time to put in some big miles on the bike. Here are some tips and tricks to stay safe and comfortable when riding in the summer.


Staying adequately hydrated is essential in the heat. On the hottest rides, you may need to drink as much as 32oz an hour. When you drink large amounts of water, it is important to keep the minerals in your bloodstream balanced. Having a little bit of electrolyte mix along with your water helps with everything from muscle cramps to brain function.

We are big fans of Scratch and Tailwind hydration mixes for great tasting flavors that are easy to digest.

Pro tip: Fill an insulated water bottle halfway and put it in the freezer. In hot weather, you’ll have a perfectly chilled bottle to drink from after around an hour of riding.

Sun Protection:

Obviously, sunscreen is super important. Make sure it’s water-resistant and choose a high SPF rating such as 50+. When sunscreen alone is not enough, sun blocking arm and leg sleeves are a great way to stop the sun’s harmful rays.

Start Off Easy:

Heat-related illness is a serious concern for cyclists and can still occur even with the right hydration and sun protection. To stave off heatstroke, it is best to ease into hot weather riding. Start out with short and easy rides and, once you begin to acclimate, gradually increase the length and intensity. After a couple weeks of hot weather riding, your body will learn to cope with the additional heat-related stress.

Staying Cool:

Taking steps to cool down on a hot ride can make a huge difference. Simply planning a route with more shade can be helpful. If there are lakes or streams along the way, a quick dip in the water will provide a much-needed temperature reset. For the hottest of rides, frozen water bottles and stockings filled with ice help can take the edge off. On any warm ride, an insulated water bottle will help to keep your drinks cool.

Looking to try something out of the box for those really hot rides? Check out this cooling vest from VeloToze.