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Our saddle Bags Unpacked

Gravel bike cyclist riding on gravel road

A solid roadside repair kit can be the difference between a quick fix and calling for a ride home. We like to be prepared for all the common issues that arise on a ride including flat tires, loose bolts, and broken chains. Here’s what we like to carry along just in case.

Ryan’s Saddle Bag


Nick’s Saddle Bag


Both Ryan & Nick carry:

  • Pedro’s Tire Levers – Sturdy and simply reliable. Can’t go wrong with Pedro’s.
  • Dynaplug Racer Pro – The best tubeless repair tool we’ve ever used. Holds 4 plugs and works like a charm.
  • Spare Tube – Even with tubeless, a spare tube is important
  • CO2 Inflator and Cartridge – Great for group rides where you want a quick fix or for re-seating tubeless tires.
  • Almsthre Saddle Bag – Performance team issue (explains the matching yellow bags). Great for storing the right amount of tools to fix most road bike problems.

Ryan’s Unique Items:

  • Lezyne Multi Chain Pliers – A compact chain breaker that also includes a bunch of other useful tools.
  • Emergency Tire Boot – Yes, a dollar bill or Cliff Bar wrapper might work too, but this one is designed for it.
  • Squirt Chain Lube – A wax-based lube that can be used on top of a hot-waxed chain should a squeak develop.
  • Multi-Tool – A basic multi-tool with essential Allen keys and screwdrivers.
  • Additional Valve Core Remover – Just in case you have to clean out a gunked up tubeless valve on the side of the road.

Nick’s Unique Items:

  • Park Tool IB-3 Multi-Tool A comprehensive multi-tool with nearly everything you need – including a chain breaker, spoke wrenches, at a T25 driver.
  • Plastic Bag Wallet Including: burrito money, sunglass cleaning cloth, and Benadryl to help with bee stings.

yellow bike saddle bag

The items every rider choses to carry are unique and can vary based on the amount of risk you are willing to take. For example, if you’re cycling through remote wilderness, it’s worth packing a few extra repair items such as a patch kit, zip ties, or spare spokes. However, in areas with better cell service and public transportation options, you may be okay with a less complete repair kit.