Specialized Soil Searching Tires

Specialized Soil Searching.

Woman riding down a trail in forest on Specialized mountain bike

Trail builders are the unsung heroes of mountain biking and we want to change that. Specialized Soil Searching is a movement to recognize, celebrate, and support the trail builders who help shape our sport and our stoke.

Specialized Eliminator tire laying next to a flathead shovel

These Tires Build Trails

What’s mountain biking without trails? Specialized created Soil Searching to fuel and support the energy and passion of the trail-building community. By employing trail builders, hosting dig days, spearheading fundraisers, and telling their stories, they're creating a community to further the development and maintenance of trail systems that are the lifeblood of our sport. And with the new limited-edition Soil Searching tires they've created yet another to way support this critical trail work.

Two people moving fallen tree next to mountain bike

Pedal The Planet Forward

Since 2018, Specialized Soil Searching has provided financial, organizational, and outreach support for trail systems around the world. Focusing on three essential and interdependent aspects of trail work—ambassadors, dig days, and fundraisers—to assist communities in maintaining and growing their trail networks. Trail advocacy is the right thing to do for the sport, supporting not just bike riding, but creating sustainable, multi-use trails as well.

Man jumping a mountain bike over gap in trail

Put Your Money Where Your Tread Is

With the limited-edition Specialized Soil Searching tires, you can support trail builders on every ride. Every Soil Searching tire you buy helps support Specialized Soil Searching and its mission. Available in a race-winning tread pattern and equipped with premium T9 and T7 sticky fast rubber, Soil Searching limited-edition tires come in a striking, classic skinwall casing. You’ll hit the perfect line for the perfect cause.