5 Roadside Essentials

Our roadside must-haves won’t let you down

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the basics

Despite our best efforts, sometimes things go wrong. The longer the ride, the greater the risk of a mechanical issue. Carrying a basic selection of repair tools can get you fixed up and back in the saddle. Whether you have a flat tire, loose bolt, or broken cable, here’s our list of roadside repair essentials.

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Tire Levers

Unless you have superhuman thumbs, you will need a set of tire levers to quickly change out a flat tire. We love Pedro’s Tire Levers because they are super durable and snap together for easy storage.

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Inner Tubes

A new tube is one of the fastest ways to fix a flat. Even if you’re running tubeless, it’s always a good idea to keep a spare with you just in case. Most road bikes require 700c Presta Tubes. Make sure to select one with a long enough valve for your rims.

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Mini Pump

A mini pump is the most reliable way to re-inflate your tire out on the road. For skinny road tires, a high-pressure pump will work best. For wider tires, such as those found on gravel or mountain bikes, a high-volume pump is your best bet. Many riders also choose to carry a CO2 inflator in addition to a mini pump. CO2 inflators are great for quickly inflating tubes or for getting a tubeless tire to reseat, however, you should still carry a mini pump just in case the CO2 fails, or you get more than one flat.

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Make sure you have a multi-tool with the right bits to tighten any loose bolt on your bike. More advanced multi-tools will also include a chain breaker and spoke wrench.

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Tire Plugs

For riders running tubeless tires, a good plugging tool is indispensable. The Dynaplug Racer Pro is our favorite as it is both reliable and easy to use.

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Bonus item: Saddle Bag

The easiest way to carry gear is with a saddle bag. That way you always have everything you need to fix an issue. For a stylish and colorful look, check out the Almsthre Saddle Bag. Bonus item: Saddle Bag image SHOP SADDLE BAGS NOW

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