Continental Kryptotal-R Tubeless Mountain Bike Tire (Black) (27.5") (2.4") (Soft/Enduro) (Folding Bead)

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Continental Kryptotal-R Tubeless Mountain Bike Tire (Black) (27.5") (2.4") (Soft/Enduro)

Continental Kryptotal-R Mountain Bike Tire Description:

The Continental Kryptotal-R redefines rear wheel grip and braking traction when it comes to riding over mixed terrain. The tire features tightly packed center knobs with a durable rubber compound that rolls fast yet hooks up when you need it most. 


  • Tread profile designed to optimize rear wheel traction and rolling resistance over varied terrain
  • Robust carcass is impervious against damage and tubeless ready
  • Downhill Casing: Most durable & reinforced casing in the MTB Gravity range
  • Enduro Casing: Durable single-ply carcass with Apex technology to prevent snakebite flats
  • Trail Casing: Durable single-ply casing similar to Enduro but slimmed down in a trail optimized package
  • Super Soft Compound: Softest & grippiest compound in the MTB Gravity range with 100% focus on grip, traction, and control
  • Soft Compound: Balances & rolling resistance for gravity focused riding
  • Endurance Compound: Focus on durability and rolling resistance for fast, long-wearing applications

  • Specification Table

    Tire Type: Tubeless (Clincher)
    Bead: Folding
    TPI (Threads Per Inch): 6/660, 3/330, or 3/180 tpi
    Puncture Protection: Yes
    Inflation -
    Color: Black
    Weight: 963g (27.5" x 2.4" | Endurance/Trail)
    1088g (27.5" x 2.4" | Soft/Enduro)
    1181g (27.5" x 2.6" | Endurance/Trail)
    1059g (29" x 2.4" | Endurance/Trail)
    1143g (29" x 2.4" | Soft/Enduro)
    1297g (29" x 2.6" | Soft/Enduro)

This product is expected to become available for purchase on Sunday, May 19, 2024

Joseph Spanheimer
Wednesday, Nov 16 2022 (about a year ago)
Continental Kryptotal-R Tubeless Mountain Bike Tire (Black) (29") (2.4") (Endurance/Trail)
The Kryptotal is an amazing tire. I had no issues with the installation. The bead set right away and was true. I did notice slightly more air loss over time than with my Der Barons, but that's not a big deal. The major test for these tires was an extensive 3-day MTB trip to Sedona AZ. The tires were awesome! The rolled fast and had great grip. After the three days, I noticed very little wear. I'd highly recommend them.
Ryan Mortensen
Monday, Oct 17 2022 (about a year ago)
Continental Kryptotal-R Tubeless Mountain Bike Tire (Black) (27.5") (2.4") (Soft/Enduro)
I typically do not write reviews, but after seeing the 1 star reviews, I felt the need to write one. I run an enduro team in AZ and we ride conditions that are very hard on tires. We have 4 racers using Continental Kryptotal's in the various options. We have only had one puncture all summer and it was more of a freak accident. We plugged that tire and ran it until the tread was warn enough to replace it. These tires inspire confidence on the descents. The only negative I could see, is that they are a bit heavy, but when you are only getting timed on the downhill, that's what really matters.
Barrett U.
Tuesday, Oct 4 2022 (about a year ago)
Continental Kryptotal-R Tubeless Mountain Bike Tire (Black) (29") (2.4") (Endurance/Trail)
Flatted the DH-cased supersoft rear on second ride, running bikepark pressures—28 psi—over cushcore. Gash directly to the tread that required 2 pieces of bacon. Bummed at the durability of this tire. Have been running maxxis tires for the past 5 years, from EXO+ to DD casing, and have never flatted like this, so it’s hard to recommend the continentals to anyone.
Roy Zaharoni
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Sep 27 2022 (about a year ago)
Continental Kryptotal-R Tubeless Mountain Bike Tire (Black) (29") (2.4") (Soft/Enduro)
They should name this tire crap total
I bought the 29x2.4 for my e-bike
Installed on 30mm inner rim it at best 2.2 so narrow look ridiculous
I didn’t ride it and probably going to replace it. Wasted of money
Just wanted people to know it’s much narrower then what it supposed to be.

Tire Size Chart

Inch SizingISO / ETRTO
16" BMX / Kids305
16" Recumbent349
18" BMX / Kids355
20" BMX / Kids406
20 x 1-3/4"419
20 x 1-3/8", 20 x 1-1/8"451
22" Wheel Chair501
24" BMX / Kids507
24" BMX Race (Fractional)
24" Road
24" Old Schwinn S-7 Size521
24" Wheel Chair540
24" Old Schwinn S-5 Size547
26" Mountain559
650c Small Road Bike571
27.5 / 650b584
26 x 1-3/8590
26" Old Schwinn S-6597
700c / 29" / 28"622
27" Road (Fractional)630
28" Track Tubular635
36" Big Bike787