Which Plug is Right
for You?

All Dynaplug tools do the same job in the same way, but that does not mean they are all the same. Some are smaller and lighter, others are larger and contain additional tools to help get you back on the road. Check out the variety of Dynaplugs, below:

Simple, rugged, and easy to use like all Dynaplug models. The 'plugger is made from nylon for durability and value.

Carbon Racer
At only 14g, the Carbon Race is an excellent choice for the weight-wary cyclist. The included silicone cage mount holder is the perfect way to keep your plugs easily accessible.

Racer Pro
Engineered to carry four plugs (rather than two), the Racer Pro is easily our favorite Dynaplug tool. With a simple design, dual-sided caps provide quick plug access. Made from 6061 aluminum and available in many flashy colors.

This all-arounder has room to store extra plugs, insertion tubes, an air stopper, and a mini knife for trimming the plug ends. Some riders also store a spare valve core or two in their Pill. Made from 6061 aluminum.