GU Hydration Drink Tablets (Orange) (1 Tube)

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GU Hydration Drink Tab Description:

GU Hydration Drink Tabs are designed to keep you hydrated during any activity and in all conditions. Tablets are easily dissolved in 16 ounces of water, perfect for dropping into a sport bottle or bike bottle for hydration on-the-go. The light, effervescent tablets are also appropriate for everyday use, during training, travel, and hot weather, or anytime you need a hydration boost. The 12-tablet portable tubes easily fit in pockets, jerseys, and running belts. All flavors are caffeine-free and made with vegan ingredients.


  • 320mg sodium & 55mg of potassium per tab helps you replenish nutrients lost during perspiration
  • Essential electrolytes work to help you maintain mental focus and prevent fatigue
  • Subtle flavor profile provides a hint of flavor without overdoing the sweetness
  • 12 portable tube is easy to put in a pocket or jersey for on the go


  • Flavor: Orange
  • Intended Use: Pre-Workout & Intra-Workout
  • Caffeine: -
  • Dietary Focus: -

Nutrition Facts:


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