Kool Stop Disc Brake Pads (Organic) (Shimano Road) (1 Pair)

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Kool Stop Disc Pads.


  • High performance disc pads from the most trusted name in aftermarket brake pads
  • Organic: blend of organic materials with a top quantity resin provides excellent performance throughout the life of the pad. Organic pads have steel back plates in red
  • Includes pad retention spring (when needed)

Pad Compatibility:

  • Avid BB5: Avid BB5, Promax Render, Decipher
  • Formula Mega/One: Formula R1/One/Mega/RX/RO/C1/Cura
  • Shimano Deore XT/Saint: Shimano Deore XT M8020, Saint M820/810, Zee M640, TRP Quadiem, G-Spec Quadiem, Slate T4, G-Spec Slate, Zurich, Tektro Orion 4-piston
  • Shimano Road: Shimano Dura-Ace R9170, Ultegra R8070, and Road RS305, RS405, RS505, RS805, Metrea U5000, Rever MCX1/MCX2 Flat-Mount, TRP Hylex, Hylex RS, HD-T190
  • Shimano XTR: Shimano Alfine S500 and S501, Deore M535, M595 and M596, Deore LX M585 and T665, Deore XT M765, M775 and M776, Hone M601, SLX M665, Saint M800, XTR M965, M966 and M975, Road R505, and Non-Series M545 and T605
  • Shimano XTR Trail: Shimano Alfine S700, Deore M615 and M6000, Deore XT M785 and M8000, SLX M666, M675 and M7000, XTR M9000, M9020, M985 and M987, and Road CX75, CX77, R315, R317, R515, R517, R785 and RS785, Rever MCX1/MCX2 Post-Mount, Rever MTN1
  • SRAM Code, Guide RE: SRAM Code RSC (A1), Code R (B1), Guide RE, Avid Code (2011-2016)

This product was added to our catalog on February 24, 2020

Sunday, Jun 19 2022 (9 months ago)
Kool Stop Disc Brake Pads (Organic) (Shimano Road)
I bought these as a substitute for Shimano LO3A pads, which are on backorder most everywhere. I took them off after just one ride because they squealed horribly with hard pressure (rear wheel) and scored (not scratched, but like a burn) the brake rotor.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Dec 8 2021 (about a year ago)
Kool Stop Disc Brake Pads (Organic) (Shimano Road)
These brake pads are amazing. They perform better than the stock pads that came with my brake calipers. They have excellent grip on the rotors and I do not have to apply much pressure to slow down or even stop. I can literally brake with just one finger. I will definitely be using these from here on out. I just wish they came with a replacement pin for holding the pads in place. I had to order that separate.