Staff Favorites: Winter Layering

Staff Favorites: Winter Layering - cyclists on road in cold weather clothing

Staying cozy on winter rides is essential. These are our favorite layers and accessories for keeping the cold at bay.

Nick’s favorites:

Pearl Izumi Merino Base Layer

Favorite Base Layer:

Pearl Izumi Merino Base Layer – “Warm, soft, and tight fitting, I really appreciate this base layer and its wicking capabilities when the temperature drops.”

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Castelli Puro Long Sleeve Jersey

Favorite Winter Jersey:

Castelli Puro Long Sleeve Jersey – “Fleece-lined and super cozy, I like to wear this jersey in temperatures from 30 to 50 degrees. The fit is not as tight as some Castelli, which is nice for off-season riding. I chose the bright yellow colorway because I often wear this jersey on night rides in the winter”

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Castelli Aria Vest

Favorite Vest:

Castelli Aria Vest – “This vest is great for adding a little warmth without any bulk when it’s in your pocket. It’s not quite enough protection for full on rain, but it does the trick for cold and mist. The fit is really small though, so choose a size or two larger than usual.”


Ryans’s favorites:

Merino Socks

Favorite SOCKS:

Merino Socks – “Yes, Merino Socks are my favorite. It’s so funny how such a simple, staple item can get overlooked. Merino wool is naturally antimicrobial so you can wear them again and again without them being overly stinky. Secondly, lots of people tend to want to pigeonhole merino for winter riding only. I’ve found it to regulate body temps well, save for the hottest of days.”

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Pearl Izumi AmFIB Toe Covers

Favorite Toe Covers:

Pearl Izumi AmFIB Toe Covers –“I picked the AmFIB toe warmers for good reason – They weigh very little and take up very little space. It’s an easy way to keep some morning chill off the toes without committing to a full shoe cover. If the day warms up and you need to remove them, they come off with ease and stow quickly.”

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Jeffery’s favorites:

DeFeet Duraglove ET

Favorite Winter Gloves:

DeFeet Duraglove ET – “This glove is great for keeping your hands warm on chillier days. While not great for rain, the merino blend breathes well and is super comfortable.”

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Assos Summer Sleeveless Skin Layer

Favorite Base Layer:

Assos Summer Sleeveless Skin Layer – “Seems counterintuitive for a winter layer but riding in California I don’t encounter extremely low temperatures. The base layer is more for comfort and wicking abilities without adding a ton of bulk, hence the decision to go with sleeveless.”

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