Vittoria Corsa N.ext

A fresh road tire for tubeless and tubed competition

Man installing Vittoria Corsa N.ext tire onto wheel

With the Corsa N.ext Road Tire, Vittoria hones in on the goldilocks of road tires. For years, Corsas have been one of the fastest tires in road racing, but at a serious cost – they are notoriously fragile and tend to wear out quickly. Not a problem for a professional rider with a team of mechanics, but quite frustrating for an amateur bike racer. This is where the Corsa N.ext comes in.

Durable Casing

Traditionally, Corsas have always used a cotton casing which, while light and supple, also makes the tire more susceptible to punctures. The Corsa N.ext throws out the cotton and instead uses a nylon casing while retaining the race-proven Corsa tread.

Corsa Tread

Wider center tread makes the Corsa fast on the straightaway. When it comes time to corner, closely spaced grooves maximize grip. All this combines to provide a coherent handling experience whether you’re bombing an alpine descent or winding it up for a criterium sprint.

Vittoria Corsa N.ext Tubeless tire

Vittoria Corsa N.ext Tubeless Tire

Vittoria Corsa N.ext Tire

Vittoria Corsa N.ext Tube Tire

Vittoria Corsa N.ext tread and compounds

Grip & Puncture Resistance

For the compound, Vittoria used a new Graphene and Silica combination that is designed for longer mileage and increased grip. Compared with just Graphene alone, this new Silica infused compound provides more grip, better puncture protection, and reduces rolling resistance. In case that wasn’t enough, the Corsa N.ext also boasts a high-density puncture protection belt to ward off the worst lacerations.

Vittoria Corsa N.ext composition breakdown

Riding Impressions

Over the past month I’ve been testing out a set of Corsa N.ext tires (tubeless, 700c x 28mm). So far, they have performed quite well – great for group rides, local races, bad pavement, and even a little bit of road bike-friendly gravel. After around 500 miles, they still appear to be in very good shape. If Vittoria’s claims hold up, I am hopeful that these tires will last for around 2000 miles or more (pending a catastrophic puncture). Stay tuned for updates.

Group of road cyclists riding in Colorado on Vittoria Corsa N.ext tires

Weighing In

The part every gram-counter has been waiting for – how much do they weigh? Regarding pricing and performance, Vittoria pits the Corsa N.ext against other competition level tires such as the Continental Grand Prix and the Schwalbe Pro One. In terms of weight, the tube-type version of the Corsa N.ext blows the competition out of the water at only 212g (700c x 28mm). Comparatively, the Grand Prix 5000 is 245g and the Pro One is 250g. The tubeless Corsa N.ext, on the other hand, is a little bit heavier than the competition at 312g (700c x 28mm) compared to 280g for the Grand Prix S TR and 270g for the Pro One TLE. So, if weight is your only concern, the tube type version is perfect, but the tubeless version may not quite fit the bill. But don’t move on so quickly, there is one more thing to consider.

Tubeless Installation

Okay, I saved the best part for last. The Corsa N.ext was the easiest tubeless road tire I have ever installed. Vittoria must be getting real good at dialing in their tolerances because it fit like a glove. Mounting the Corsa N.ext onto the wheel was as easy as it gets. The fit is snug but not so tight that you need tire levers to get the bead over the rim* (anyone who has mounted a GP 5000 knows how hard this process can be). After watching videos of Vittoria setting up their tubeless tires without adding sealant first, I deicide to try my luck at it. On the first attempt both tires seated within seconds. I used an air compressor to supply a burst of air, but it seems these tires would seat using a booster, a tubeless pump, or perhaps even a high volume floor pump. Having struggled with tubeless tires before, installing the Corsa N.ext was a breath of fresh air and that alone is a good enough reason to use these tires over some of the trickier to install models on the market.

Man installing Vittoria Corsa N.ext tire onto wheel
Specialzied Aethos bike with Vittoria Corsa N.ext tire on front wheel

Is this tire for me?

Most of us aren’t pros, however, we still care about speed. Whether it’s the sprint at the Wednesday night group ride or the local KOM, we know that speed matters. That said, most of us don’t have the time to install new tires every month. We want rubber that’s built to last so all we have to worry about is laying down more watts. This is what the Vittoria Corsa N.ext is all about – providing a platform of speed for cyclists who work hard and train hard every day.


  • Excellent puncture protection
  • Reliable grip and cornering traction
  • Easy to get tire seated on rim (both tubeless and tube type versions)
  • Tubeless installation is super easy compared to other tubeless road tires
  • 28mm and larger widths are hookless compatible (Tubeless)
  • Lightweight compared to other tires in this class (Tube Type)
    • Corsa N.ext Tube - 212g (700c x 28mm)
    • Grand Prix 5000 - 245g (700c x 28mm)
    • Pro One - 250g (700c x 28mm)


  • Not the “fastest” tire in terms of rolling resistance
  • Tubeless version is a little heavier than the competition
    • Corsa N.ext TL - 312g (700c x 28mm)
    • Grand Prix 5000 S TR - 280g (700c x 28mm)
    • Pro One TLE - 270g (700c x 28mm)

Long-Term Review

Over the past year I have had the chance to test a couple sets of Corsa N.EXT tires. The first set performed quite well until I entered a race with notoriously bad pavement and proceeded to double-flat with a pair of sidewall punctures from a hard hit on a sharp-edged pothole. The second set ran as expected up to 1500 miles. At this point, the tire started to show significant signs of wear, with deep gashes that made the tire no longer feel safe. While 1500 is lower mileage than I had hoped for, the miles were over the course of a rainy and dirty winter season that would have been tough on any tires. I imagine that these tires would have lasted longer if they were used on smooth roads in dry conditions. Overall, I am still pleased with the performance of these tires and will be testing out a pair of 32mm Corsa N.exts for some light gravel events.

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